Pep Band

The Pep Band is open to all students in grades 6-12 that have experience playing an instrument. The band performs at 12 varsity boys and girls basketball games starting in January. The group will also travel with the basketball team if they make the playoffs in Bangor. Below you will find a copy of the schedule and any last minute cancellations or changes will be announced on this site and the Central Aroostook Athletics Facebook page as soon as they are known. Tournament information is released as soon as it is known which is typically 2-3 weeks before February vacation, sometimes it is a little last minute but the information will be put out as soon as possible.

Pep Band rehearsals do not begin until after the harvest vacation and we typically stop after-school rehearsals in January. Practices for Jr./Sr. band members are typically Wednesday after school until 3:30/late bus. The first Wednesday of the month we have staff meetings so on those weeks the practice will be held on Monday. 6th-grade band members practice on Thursdays after school until the late bus at the elementary school. Rehearsal dates are posted to the calendar on this website.

2019 Tournament Information

Here is more up-to-date information, the band bus will be leaving on Tuesday the 19th at 11:30am and we will return around midnight.

If either team wins on Tuesday the next games would be on Friday. If the boys win on Tuesday their game would be at 2:30pm and the girls would play at 8:30pm. The bus will leave about 4hrs before the start of the game which means we would leave about 10:30am on Friday.

If either team wins on Friday we will be back down the day after for Saturday games. The girls would play at 7pm and the boys would start at 8:30pm.

I have my phone on me at all times so don’t hesitate to call/text if you have any questions at 227-3245 or you can email me at As we process through tournament I will keep the site updated!